Reiki 1 Attunement & Classes: USD$2,000 including all materials.

Reiki 2 Attunement $ Classes: USD$2,500 including all materials.
[Must take Reiki 1. Can be taken together with Reiki 1.]

Reiki 3 Attunement & Classes: USD$12,000 including all materials and teacher-trainer course.
[Must take Reiki 1&2; typically, a year or more must pass between your Reiki 1&2 Attunements and your Reiki 3+ Attunements in order to integrate.]

VIOLET FLAME REIKI: Can be taken as a separate course.
SHAMBALLA and OTHER MODALITIES OF REIKI: Can be pursued after Reiki 1&2 Attunements.

Book an appointment. Rates are $97/hour for Reiki payable by cash, credit card or Zelle transfer. Paypal link here.
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