Services Mary K.S. Long offers through The Deliberately Delightful Company

Aviation Medicine | Hospital Administration
Gary Sizemore, MBA, MRAeS, Pilot
U.S. Army Veteran Pilot | Hospital Administration | Safety Management
Mary Long
Integrative Medicine Doctoral Candidate
Be In the Conversation Book Team
Authors Club!!
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Consuelo Julien
RNHS - Registered Nutritionist & Weight Management Coach

in Canada: We are proud to partner with Ms. Consuelo, a Registered Nutritionist & Health Specialist, specializing in Detoxification and Weight Management Coaching.

She will teach you about lifestyle habits that impact your overall health.

Her services include a 21-Day detox program, as part of a 3-month Nutritional Coaching Support and food plate management service. Purchase here through this link.

You can obtain these Services on Zoom from anywhere in the world or in-person in Canada in Ontario. Detox and Wellness Products used in the program ship to USA, Canada and other countries.

Consuelo comes with the highest recommendation. She has partnered with the Deliberately Delightful Company since 2019.
We are grateful for her service and celebrate her dedication to wellness. Get yourself into Consuelo's Weight Loss Program today!

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Richard Morden
Life Transformation Coach & CONSCIOUS EFT

Guided sessions of CONSCIOUS EFT (tapping), a technique Richard Morden is trained in, is used to facilitate clients who have experienced trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and rage, as well as other deeply ingrained disorders for which standard therapy may not be helpful. Clients who are looking for support and encouragement in a secure environment are drawn to him and this solution-based approach to overcoming limiting beliefs and the effects they have on one's life. Emotional Safety is primary in all the facilitation with clients.

He is a master at energy work and emotional coaching through EFT. Richard specializes in helping women transition into and through divorce.
His website is

Q Approach

Individual Private Coaching

Empowerment and encouragement by design.
Weekly coaching and strategies for success applied to targeted, specific desired goals.
Monthly packages ongoing consulting

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Nutritional Detox and Coaching

Lose Weight and Eat Your Way to Wellness with the Support of a Registered Dietician.

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Intuitive Readings

Ink Blots; Art Therapy, Tarot, Storytelling & Sound/Music Therapy

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Plant Medicines & Nature Retreats; Camping

Check out our retreats to Ecuador to work with Healing Masters: we fly twice a year.

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Mary is a Doctoral Candidate for Integrative Medicine and Doctors Without Borders. She holds multiple certificates in natural medicine, movement, dance, and yoga. She is a best-selling international author, teacher, speaker and coach. She can help you achieve results in a strategic, holistic way! She offers natural healing consultations and private coaching in both dance and intuitive healing arts. She is not teaching any group dance or yoga classes in person at this time due to the pandemic. You can…

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You can book a Yoga Class here: it’s $20. As we transition out of the pandemic, you can take classes in person or on Zoom.

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Coaching Call

Here is the link to our Clinic (currently down and Closed:)

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Legal Insurance Consultations

We partner with LegalShield to offer Legal Insurance and Identity Theft Insurance Protection for Individuals, Families, and Businesses. This is just one way we contribute to our Clients’ Overall Financial Health.

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Life Insurance Consultations

We sell Life Insurance Policies in accordance with New York Life.

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