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Consuelo Julien
RNHS - Registered Nutritionist & Weight Management Coach

in Canada: We are proud to partner with Ms. Consuelo, a Registered Nutritionist & Health Specialist, specializing in Detoxification and Weight Management Coaching.

She will teach you about lifestyle habits that impact your overall health.

Her services include a 21-Day detox program, as part of a 3-month Nutritional Coaching Support and food plate management service. Purchase here through this link.

You can obtain these Services on Zoom from anywhere in the world or in-person in Canada in Ontario. Detox and Wellness Products used in the program ship to USA, Canada and other countries.

Consuelo comes with the highest recommendation. She has partnered with the Deliberately Delightful Company since 2019.
We are grateful for her service and celebrate her dedication to wellness. Get yourself into Consuelo's Weight Loss Program today!

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Richard Morden
Life Transformation Coach & CONSCIOUS EFT

Guided sessions of CONSCIOUS EFT (tapping), a technique Richard Morden is trained in, is used to facilitate clients who have experienced trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and rage, as well as other deeply ingrained disorders for which standard therapy may not be helpful. Clients who are looking for support and encouragement in a secure environment are drawn to him and this solution-based approach to overcoming limiting beliefs and the effects they have on one's life. Emotional Safety is primary in all the facilitation with clients.

He is a master at energy work and emotional coaching through EFT. Richard specializes in helping women transition into and through divorce.
His website is

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Savio "Amaru" Nawech Ankuash
Construction Worker | Boyfriend




A Diplomatic Discussion on Non-Toxic Makeup: Beauty Queens Unite for Healthier Choices

A Diplomatic Discussion on Non-Toxic Makeup: Beauty Queens Unite for Healthier Choices At the recent Las Vegas & Dubai Integrative Medicine Health 2.0 Conference and Beauty Pageants, beauty queens from around the globe gathered to discuss the importance of non-toxic makeup products. Among them were two prominent figures: a Russian beauty queen crowned in Japan and Mary Long, a natural blonde and integrative medicine practitioner of European/Slavic descent. Mary’s Stand on Non-Toxic Makeup: During a lively debate, Mary Long explained…

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Awarded For “Outstanding Leadership” in health

Mary has won the “Outstanding Leadership” Award at Health 2.0 Conference! She is a speaker on the panel, “100 Years Of Psychiatry: Change and Challenges”. Buy the Book, Y’all: Click Here. We also talked about large(Global Scale) datasets and approaches to Immunizations, Global Scale Data and data interoperability for Health Care Industry at the Health 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas. We are getting READY for a Show in Dubai. Here’s a video for the #Health2Conf: Integrated Approaches to COVID. Subscribe…

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Drexel Dance: From the Horse’s Mouth, Spring 2022

We performed in the Dance Show at Drexel. April 22-23,2022. Mary dances with many troupes. One notable group with whom she performs is the Drexel Dance Ensemble. It is a professional-caliber dance organization based at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. Mary was recently invited back as an alumna dance performer in Drexel Dance Ensemble’s Show, a Performance entitled: “From the Horse’s Mouth”, April 2022. They performed in the Mandell Theater, on Drexel University’s Campus 2022, April 22-23. There was a…

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