Richard specializes in helping women transition into and through divorce.
He is a master at energy work and emotional coaching through EFT!
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Guided sessions of CONSCIOUS EFT (tapping), a technique Richard Morden is trained in, is used to facilitate clients who have experienced trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and rage, as well as other deeply ingrained disorders for which standard therapy may not be helpful. Clients who are looking for support and encouragement in a secure environment are drawn to him and this solution-based approach to overcoming limiting beliefs and the effects they have on one’s life. Emotional Safety is primary in all the facilitation with clients.

Personal experience has provided Richard with an awareness of the factors that contribute to the development of trauma. When he first started his life, he was a young farm lad who had neither a voice nor any hope. Over the course of time, he tackled the painful and dysfunctional patterns that had been passed down via his family.

One day, Richard made the decision to walk away from everything and start his road toward recovery. Despite having endured a great deal of heartache, his destiny brought him to a surrogate family who provided him with hope at an early age and made it possible for him to open himself up to love. This desire served as the impetus that drove him to pursue a career in a profession that gives him the ability to provide the same chance of success to other people.

The motivation for Richard comes from his desire to facilitate the recovery of others by acts of compassion, sensitivity, and wisdom. His vulnerability is what motivates his practice of safe progress with a gentle approach to reducing the hurdles, emotional heavy weight, and debris that surround personal trauma. His technique is based on the idea that safe development may be achieved without sacrificing progress.
He is aware of the feelings that make growth more difficult and more difficult to achieve, as well as the exhausting nature of clinging to the past. But even more importantly, he is aware of how invigorating the fresh breath of life that follows a breakthrough can be.

Richard guides his clients in examining the cold, hard facts around their experiences while also helping them acknowledge the sentiments that are tied to the painful events and individuals in their lives. He provides clients with in-person or online sessions to educate the skills necessary for self-care in order to empower them in their day-to-day lives. He is aware of the synchronization that exists between his personal path and the journeys of his customers. He has deep ties not only to the solitude that may be found in nature but also to the strength that can be found in communities.

He is a master at energy work and emotional coaching through EFT. Richard specializes in helping women transition into and through divorce.
His website is


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