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100% Woman-Owned Business, Registered with SAM.GOV


We are registered with SAM.GOV as federal contractors. We are a 100% woman-owned company. Based in USA. Led by (Future Dr. Of Integrative Medicine, )Ms. Mary Long, BSc., Mathematics, minor in Computer Science, YTT (Yoga Teacher), RMT (Reiki Master Teacher / Therapist) with many other certifications and leadership awards. This company is a vehicle for her practice in


We do analytics, data analytics, data science and data engineering as well as hardware and software procurement contracts.
We work with FILOT for a sophisticated blockchain implementation on file security to protect our patients' and clinical medical records and files on the backend.

We partner with multiple other I.T. companies natural wellness companies and providers in the field of natural and integrative medicine. We have partners and clients and contracts in USA and Canada.
We lead retreats to Ecuador and Mexico.
We are a multi-lingual, diverse team and company. We are NOT "woke". (We Love Florida!! See our subsidiary company registered in Florida.)
We work primarily in English, Spanish (some Shuar), and French (Canadian). We work well with Germans and we LOVE Engineers!!

Owner Mary Long's Resume
Health 2.0 Conference

Multiple of our Team Members [Mary Long, Cameron Jungers, Philip Lewander] have been awarded for "Outstanding Leadership" across multiple domains; Internationally-recognized and #Celebrated, Owner, Mary Long, is a Outstanding Leadership Recipient-Award-Winning Speaker at the International Health 2.0 Conference.

Our teaming partners Filot, LLC are recognized for "Outstanding Leadership" at the Internet 2.0 Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada and Dubai, UAE, as well:

We were awarded "Outstanding Leadership" in healthcare and technology in 2022.
We partner with this organization for international healthcare and supply chain topics.
Internet Geopardy, LLC
I.T. & Compliance; Our Subsidiary Company. 100% Woman-Owned Business


Internet Geopardy, LLC boasts a team with a rich and diverse range of skills and qualifications. Founder and CEO, Mary Long, has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the engineering and computer science industry, where she has demonstrated expertise in transportation and logistics engineering and management, as well as a stellar track record of successful project management. In addition to her technical prowess, Mary is also widely acknowledged for her exceptional leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

The team also features logistics and engineering experts with a wealth of experience supporting government agencies. These professionals have specialized expertise in logistics analysis, supply chain management, and maintenance support, among other areas in healthcare and IT. Moreover, Internet Geopardy, LLC benefits from a broad network of strategic partners and subject matter experts who possess advanced skills in fields such as software development, cybersecurity, and risk management. By leveraging the combined expertise of their team and partnerships, Internet Geopardy, LLC can provide comprehensive support for even the most intricate engineering projects.

Internet Geopardy, LLC
Data Security, Blockchain Encryption, Secure File Storage & Management | HIPAA Compliance
FILOT- The Pilot For Your Files

Informing-Robots with AI, Imagery:


We are Registered in Nevada as an LLC.

Be in the Conversation: our book is Here!

We are Recognized as “Outstanding Leadership” by the International Health 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada and Dubai!