Intuitive Readings

Ink Blots; Art Therapy, Tarot, Storytelling & Sound/Music Therapy

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Nutritional Detox and Coaching

Lose Weight and Eat Your Way to Wellness with the Support of a Registered Dietician.

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Coaching Call

Here is the link to our Clinic (currently down and Closed:)

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You can book a Yoga Class here: it’s $20. As we transition out of the pandemic, you can take classes in person or on Zoom.

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Mary is a Doctoral Candidate for Integrative Medicine and Doctors Without Borders. She holds multiple certificates in natural medicine, movement, dance, and yoga. She is a best-selling international author, teacher, speaker and coach. She can help you achieve results in a strategic, holistic way! She offers natural healing consultations and private coaching in both dance and intuitive healing arts. She is not teaching any group dance or yoga classes in person at this time due to the pandemic. You can…

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We are Registered in Nevada as an LLC.

Be in the Conversation: our book is Here!

We are Recognized as “Outstanding Leadership” by the International Health 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada and Dubai!